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Pest Control


 With our Cen-Tex Home Protection Plan you can enjoy a pest free home year round! Pest Control in Waco has never been easier for you.  Our certified exterminator technicians will protect you and your family from seasonal pests and have fast solutions to infestation situations.  We use Integrated Pest Management systems and other pest control services to ensure that your home is protected.

Termite Control

Waco Termite Control

Termites can threaten your quality of life by destroying the valuable asset that you and your family call home.  Our professional team is ready to treat your active termite infestation or protect your termite free home from future termite problems.  We provide guaranteed treatments at the fairest prices possible.  

Bed Bugs

Waco Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can infest a home and affect your sleep and health.  Bed bugs typically leave a red welt after feeding on the blood of you and your loved ones.  Don't let these vampires ruin your happiness.  Call Cen-Tex Pest Control to learn about the best methods and pricing in Central Texas. 

Pest Control Pricing